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Istanbul Archaeological Museums Tour

DURATION: 3 Hours – Private Walking Tour of Istanbul Archaeology Museums : 09:00 am - Afternoon Start: 13:30 pm

Istanbul Archaeology Museums is one of the Turkey's finest museums. Tour with an expert tour guide and Visit Museum of the Ancient Orient, Tiled Pavilion. This tour will take you on a journey into Anatolia's rich past. Visit the highlights of Old city Museums and take journey in time.

 Istanbul Archaeology Museums consists of three museums.
1. Archaeology Museum in the main building has an excellent collection of Greek and Roman artifacts, marble statues discovered in Anatolia including finds from Ephesus and Troy.
2. Museum of the Ancient Orient includes one-of-a-kind treasures like the tiled reliefs of lions and kings from the fabled gates of Ninevah, and the oldest written peace treaty ever discovered
3. Museum of Ceramic & Tile Art (in the Tiled Kiosk). An oriental-style pavilion finely decorated with the finest turquoise and dark blue tiles of the time.

Tour Prices
Meet your professional tour guide at ‘Entrance Gate' of Istanbul Archaeology Museums if private transfers not needed.


Prices exclude:
Entrance fees where applicable or meals, tips and other expenses unless stated.

Minimum 3-8 people
Per Person  30EUR or   45USD

Minimum 1-2 people
Per Person  60EUR  or   70USD