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Anatolia Tour C-03

14 DAYS 3150 k.m.


Arrival to Istanbul Ataturk Airport and check-in to the hotel. Free day.

DAY 02 ISTANBUL to CANAKKALE ( 295 k.m. )

Visit of famous battlefield of the World War 1 of Gallipoli. Catching the ferry to cross Dardanellos from Europe to Asia (app. 22 min.) After lunch visit of famous Troia mentioned by Homeros in Iliad. (35 k.m.) Check-in to the hotel in Canakkale.

DAY 03 CANAKKALE to KUSADASI ( 416 k.m. )

Visits of Acropolis and Asklepion of impregnable city Pergamon; the city where Zeus Altar originally stood and one of the most important hospitals of ancient world because of being famous Gallen's hospital. After lunch drive to Kusadasi via Izmir; the third biggest city of Turkey known as Smyrna in ancient period. Check-in to the hotel.


Visits of the ancient city of Ephesus; one of two best preserved and biggest ancient city of the world with its 250.000 inhabitants in the 3th century B.C. Visit of the Museum of Ephesus, The House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last years, The Basilica of Saint John; one of the twelve apostles of christianity, The Temple of Arthemis one of the seven wonders of antiquity.


Visits of the Apollo Temple and oracle center of Dydima (70 k.m.)ancient city of Priene where the first town-planning practiced by Hippadamus in the 4th century B.C. Miletus; city of world famous scientists, inventors and philosophers such as Thales who predicted the solar eclipse of 585 B.C, 27 may and the inventor of mathematic theory known as Thales Theory. Lecture about producing leather and fashion show in leather town of Selcuk.

DAY 06 KUSADASI to PAMUKKALE ( 209 k.m. )

Visits of the ancient city of Aphrodisias; the town of Aphrodite, goddess of love and one of the biggest sculpture city of ancient world, unique calcium cascades of Pamukkale and its ancient city Hierapolis with the biggest necropolis of ancient world. Check-in to the hotel.

DAY 07 PAMUKKALE to ANTALYA ( 231 k.m. )

Drive to Antalya, before check-in visits of ancient Perge and Aspendos.

DAY 08 ANTALYA to CAPPADOCIA ( 517 k.m.)

Visit of Mevlana Museum; the place of whirling derwishes in Konya. After lunch, visit of 13th century Seljuk Khan of Sultanhani, drive to Cappadocia and check-in to the hotel.


Full day Cappadocia among the world-unique fairy chimneys and fantastic landscapes of the region. Zelve Open Air Museum, Goreme Open Air Museum and its carved out churches, Uchisar Castle, Fairy chimneys of Pasabagi, Lecture about making earthenware pot, tile and turkish handcraft arts. After dinner opyional turkish night in caved place with local drinks,folk dances,belly dancer or whirling derwishes.

DAY 10 CAPPADOCIA to ANKARA ( 258 k.m. )

Visit of Derinkuyu Underground City; 18 stories with the capasity of 20.000 inhabitants; Tracking in Ihlara Valley. Via Tuz golu (salt lake) drive to Ankara; the capital city of Turkey. Before checkin visit of Anitkabir; the mouseleum of Ataturk, the founder of Turkey.

DAY 11 ANKARA to SAFRANBOLU ( 221 k.m. )

In the morning visit of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations rewarded as the best museum of Europe 1997. Drive to historical town of Safranbolu in the list of Unesco World Haritage. Accomodation in historical 18 or 19th century Ottoman houses in Safranbolu.


Drive to Istanbul. After lunch boat trip along the Boshphorus between two continents and check-in to the hotel.


Visits of Haghia Sophia; the fourth biggest church of the world with its 1700 years history, Topkapi Palace; the great palace of the Ottoman sultans, the most extensive and fascinating monument of Ottoman civil architecture in existance, Blue Mosque, the only mosque with six minarets and 24053 pieces of tiles in islam art, Hippodrome; the center of civil life in ancient Istanbul, The Underground Cistern; the water supplication system of Byzantine palaces with its romantic athmosphere under lights, The Grand Bazaar with its over 4500 covered shops.


Free day in Istanbul and departure from Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
 Museums closed on Monday in Turkey. Topkapi Palace closed on Tuesday.
 Lectures about turkish kicthen are given at hotels by head-cooks.
 Lecture about traditional games such as backgammon are given at hotels after dinners.
 Prices are all included on HB except drinks,entrance tickets and tips.
 Tours are guided by a professional tour guide licenced by the Ministry of Tourism.
 Buses are full air-conditioned and insuranced.