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Anatolia Tour B-01 Full Pilgrimage Programme

Total 4100 k.m.

DAY 01: Arriving day

Arriving to İstanbul Atatürk Airport, check-in to the hotel and free day.

DAY 02: Istanbul to Ayvalık onTroia and Assos 466 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Ayvalık. From Eceabat by taking ferry crossing the Dardanelles (From Europe to Asia app. 22 minutes.)After optional lunch visits of the famous ancient city of Troia which mentioned by Homeros in Iliad, and the ancient city of Assos where famous philosopher Aristotales opened a philosophy school. Check-in to the hotel in Ayvalık. (Opposite of Lesvos)

DAY 03: Ayvalık to Izmir on Pergamon 158 k.m.

After breakfast departure for İzmir. On the way visits of the Acropolis and Asklepion of the ancient city of Pergamon where famous doctor Gallen worked.After lunch visit of the Red Church which is one the seven churches in Little Asia. Drive to İzmir (ancient Smyrna) and check in to the hotel.

DAY 04: Thyatira, Philadelphia and Sardes 328 k.m.

After breakfast visits of 3 of seven churches in Little Asia in Thyatira, Philadelphia and Sardes and the ancient city of Sardes where the first coinage minted and mythlogical king Gyges lived the capital of Lydians. Drive back to İzmir.

DAY 05: İzmir to Kuşadası 90 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Kuşadası. Visits of Smyrna where one of the seven churches located, the Basilica of St. John, one of the twelve apostles and writer of Bible, the Grotto of the Seven Sleepers and check-in to the hotel.

DAY 06: Ephesus and Virgin Marry's House 33 k.m.

Visits of Ephesus; one of two most preserved and largest ancient cities of the world and the House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last years and the Virgin Mary Church where Ecumonical Council held and one of seven churches in Little Asia. (A holy mass can be organized at the House of Virgin Mary declared a pilgrimage place by Pope.) a lecture and demonstration on turkish handcrafts arts.Drive back to the hotel.

DAY 07: Kuşadası to Pamukkale 193 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Pamukkale. Visits of Leodikia one of the Seven Churches, Colessea where st. Paul wrote his letters to Christianity, The travertines of world-unique Pamukkale, its ancient city Hierapolis and the Martyrium of St. Philippe. Check-in to the hotel.

DAY 08: Pamukkale to Kemer on St. Nicholas and Myra 387 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Demre where the Church of St. Nicholas (Father Christmas.) located and the ancient city of Myra where St. Nicholas gave his preaches and its famous rock-thombs. Drive to the hotel in Kemer and check-in.

DAY 09: Kemer to Konya 341 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Konya; visits of the Mevlana Museum where famous philopher Mevlana burried and had a school, the Tile Museum where Seljuk and Ottoman Tiles exibited. Check-in to the hotel. After dinner optional Whirling Dervishes show.

DAY 10: Konya to Antakya (Antiochos) 516 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Antiochos. Visits of St. Paul's Gate in Tarsus where St. Paul born, St. Pierre was first said here. So that, Pope VI. Paul declared here a pilgrimage center. Every year holy masses are being held here on 29th of june. Check in to the hotel.

DAY 11: Antakya (Antiochos) to Cappadocia 472 k.m.

After breakfast departure for Cappadocia. Visits of the Derinkuyu Underground City which dated to Hittitian Period (beginning of the second milenium B.C.) Ihlara Valley and its churces with frescoes. Check-in to the hotel in Cappadocia.

DAY 12: Around World-unique Cappadocia

After breakfast visits of Göreme Open-air Museum and its its carved-out churches with frescoes dated to 11th century, Zelve Open-air Museum with its carved-out settlements. (Both museums are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage)Optional lunch in Pigeon Valley,Uçhisar Castle which offers us a bird-eyed panoramic view of the region, Ürgüp and Paşabağ Fairy Chimneys, lecture and free taste in Ürgüp wine production center, lecture and demonstration about pottery and tiles. After dinner optional Cappadocian night with unlimited local drinks,belly dancers, folk dances.

DAY 13: Cappadocia to İznik (Niceae) 630 k.m.

After breakfast early departure for İznik. Visits of the Haghia Sophia where the VII. Council held in 787. First council was held here in 20th of may 325 (the senatos is under the lake waters.) and other council held in 728. Niceae was the capital city 3 times in its history.(for Seljuks, Byzantines between 1204-1261 during the latin occupation and the capital of Ottomans.)Check in to the hotel.

DAY 14: İznik to İstanbul 190 k.m.

After breakfast departure for İstanbul. Crossing the Bosphorus from Asia to Europe. Visits of Topkapı Palace which is the most extensive and fascinating monument in Ottoman Architecture and the palace of Ottoman Sultans.Haghia Iriene where the ecumonical council was held.Check in to the hotel.

DAY 15: Around İstanbul

After breakfast visits of Haghia Sophia; the center of regilous life in Byzantine period and the 4th biggest church of the world, Hippodrome with its monuments, Blue Mosque the only six-minareted mosque of the world, the Underground Cistern; the water supply system of Byzantine Palaces and the Covered Bazaar, the 15th century built sopping center with over 4500 shops, the Chora Church with the mosaic depictions of Virgin Mary's and Christ's life.

DAY 16: Departure day.


  • Accommodations on H.B. basis.
  • Full air-conditioned and insuranced bus.
  • Professional tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism.


  • Entrance fees.
  • Lunches and tips.
  • An optional boat trip along the Bosphorus between two continents can be added